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My Story

I have always loved to travel, I HATED going to hotels.  It got to a point where going to hotels kept me from traveling as much as I would like to and truly enjoy it. I'm kind of a neat freak, with some OCD thrown in there so I have always found hotels to be dirty and smelly, even when it seemed clean to other members of my family.

One day whenever I was traveling to Sequim, Washington to go around the Olympic Mountain Loop with my husband Paul, I remember thinking, "Man, It would be nice to have an RV because it would be my own space and be so peaceful and tranquil."

I shared my thoughts with my husband and he was all for it.  Next thing I know we are trading in our Nissan Rogue for a Nissan Pathfinder to be able to tow a travel trailer up to 6,000 pounds.  After that, we picked out the trailer that we wanted, a Keystone Springdale Northwest, and have been happily camping as a family ever since.  This has allowed me and my other family members to travel as much as we want to and enjoy it. Our family has already made so many memories that I wouldn't trade for anything.  

We travel with our two dogs Daisy Mae, and Dash they are toy Australian Shepards.  Also our 3 cats RoLo, Rubio, and Jack.

Karla Munoz Bard

Founder and President

In memory of my mom Virginia Kay Munoz


Gallbladder Bile Duct Cancer Awearness

Mom went in for simple Gallbladder surgery. The test came back on her that she has Gallbladder Bile Duct Cancer. She has cancer. She had another 7-hour surgery two days later on the 6th of December 2017 in Salina, Kansas. I made it to Kansas before she got out of surgery. My two daughters Emmilie & Airiana came with me. After surgery, Dr. Vernon got with my dad, Bryan, Emmilie, Airiana, and I. He said he took out 15% of her liver and re-did her bile duct with her small intestine. It was a risky surgery and a lot was done. He went on telling us she has rare cancer.  It was stage 4, and that it’s terminal (no cure). She only had this cancer 3-6 months. He also went on to say Bryan and I have a risk like Breast cancer getting this form of cancer. I said I had my Gallbladder out so I’m ok, right? NO. I can still get cancer similar to what she has, only it will just start in my liver or pancreas. She made leaps and bounds in hospital walking, talking, watching tv, and very little pain. Anyone that knows mom knows she is a tank. On Christmas Eve she had blood tests and CT scans that came back she has an abscess on her liver and a blood clot in her lower left lung. So, another drain was put in at Salina Regional and put on blood thinners.  I was going to head home to Portland Oregon but knew she needed more care, so I stayed 2 months in Kansas. She had to leave her home and everything she knew behind to move with me to Portland Oregon. On January 22nd we landed in Portland so I can take care of her and she could get the best medical care.  In February she started Chemo to prolong her life.  She showed me what a fighter she was, and boy was she feisty.  In July she went into hospice care for 3 ½ weeks and passed away peacefully on August 26th with family by her side. She fought the fight for 8 ½ months. I would do it all over again. It’s bittersweet as she not in pain, fear, or tears any longer.  I miss you so much mom and you are so loved and will never be forgotten RIP.  Your flying high with Jesus now until we met again.

In closing my mom knew I was doing a website and what I envisioned and was proud of me.  I had to put a lot of this on hold because of taking care of mom.  But now I can move forward and succeed as I told you, mom.  You’re not here to see my success but I know your cheering for me and behind me keeping me strong.

BRINGING AWARENESS TO GALLBLADDER BILE DUCT CANCER (A very rare aggressive terminal cancer, usually 6-12 months to live)